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    Date   Event
    12/26 - 01/03   Washington Auto Show: Hot Wheels 2000 Get revved up for more than 500 future-forward cars and trucks.  at Washington Convention Center
    12/17 - 01/07   How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World A tasty holiday treat for the entire family.  at Terrace Theater -- The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
    12/17 - 01/23   Renoir to Rothko They've refurbished the Phillips Collection. Everything's the same, yet everything is different. In "Renoir to Rothko: The Eye of Duncan Phillips," the exhibition of his pictures now filling his museum, familiar ground seems to shift beneath your feet.  at Phillips Collection
    12/17 - 02/29   National Aquarium Passes at National Aquarium
    01/05 - 12/26   Tom Tom du Monde Jazz every Tuesday night.  at Chi-Cha Lounge
    01/07 - 12/29   Tom Cunningham Orchestra at America Washington's finest big band performs weekly - in a mall?  at America Restaurant, Tysons
    01/03 - 12/31   The Spoken Word Have your say.  at Borders Books & Music - Gaithersburg
    12/15 - 12/31   African Voices at National Museum of Natural History
    01/01   Charles Lang Freer and Egypt An eclectic collection of amulets, figurines and other ancient Egyptian artifacts.  at Freer Gallery of Art
    01/01   Colonial Art From Puerto Rico Permanent exhibit.  at National Museum of American Art
    01/01   Creatures Up Close Watch the Nature Center's animals and learn how they live.  at Rock Creek Nature Center
    01/01   Great Cats There's plenty of roaring, entertaining and even touching for the children and adults who visit the National Zoo's "Great Cats" exhibit.  at National Zoological Park
    01/01   History and Technology of Pierce Mill A look at 19th-century mill technology.  at Pierce Mill at Rock Creek Park
    01/01   In Search of Giant Squids Get up close to the closest thing to a sea monster!  at National Museum of Natural History
    01/01   Nature After School Join a Park Ranger after school and explore the natural world.  at Rock Creek Nature Center
    01/01   Red Alert! What are scientists doing about endangered plant species?  at National Museum of Natural History
    01/01   Sky Quest Follow childhood dreams and exploration and a little girl's fascination with one-special star.  at Albert Einstein Planetarium
    01/01   The Janet Annenberg Hooker Hall of Geology, Gems and Minerals Earth's history is displayed through a gallery of rocks.  at National Museum of Natural History
      Beginner Classes A variety of workshops offered through the year  at The Theatre Lab
      Bob Williams and Roger St. Vincent Light and jazzy.  at Cate's Bistro

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